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Hi! It's lovely to see you!

So, you want to know a little about who we are? That's good to see!

Looking after your health is a serious business so you need to be confident in where you gain your information and insights. Big tick!

We are a small team with a big mission. I'll share more about that below...

Our Dedicated Team


Dr Rebecca

Founder, Chiropractor, PCOS Nut

As a Chiropractor who holds three health science degrees, a decade of clinical experience, and is a daily research reader, I am driven to help women to live lives they love in bodies they adore. 

I am also the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally, and many other books.

I know how difficult PCOS can be. How taxing on the mind and the soul, as well as the physical.

I know what it's like to go through 15 long years without one single natural cycle. To live with embarrassing (mortifying) excess hair and spotty skin. To feel unfeminine; destined for a solitary life as I felt ugly and unlovable.

I also know what it's like to live PCOS-free. And that's why I do what I do: I want that for you, too.

Our mission? To help you live a life you love in a body, mind, soul you adore.


The lovely Oliver

Incredible designer, organiser & VA

As a designer, book creator, and virtual assistant, Oliver helps me do whatever needs to be done to ensure the resources, programs and social media we produce are both beautiful and impactful.

Our Two Big Missions

We are passionate about what we do for two big reasons...

1. You deserve to live your very best life!

2. When you thrive, you help your loved ones thrive, too.

Your healing ripples out across your community, your nation, and our globe. Healthy, happy and empowered peeps are desperately needed to transform the world.

And when you feel confident, when you share your voice, this is when change can truly take off and fly us into an equal, compassionate, unified future.