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PCOS Expert Answers Common Questions in Online Masterclass Program

It's Time To STOP Struggling to Find Answers to Your PCOS Questions!

polycystic ovary syndrome discovery program graphic

The Journey to PCOS Discovery Begins Now!

PCOS Discovery covers the things many women with PCOS find challenging. It provides little known answers so the power to control the body is finally where it should be: in the hands of women with this syndrome!

This program includes...

  • 3 recorded masterclasses so you understand what Polycystic Ovary Syndrome really is and how to finally take charge of signs and symptoms 

  • A simple method to create PCOS friendly meal (no calorie and macro counting)

  • How to time your meals and combine foods for symptomatic relief

  • How to know when you are ovulating? (Predictor often kits fail in PCOS)

  • The resources needed to understand what symptoms mean, to track progress, and to make incredible headway towards a body beautiful


    "I now understand what is happening to my body and what changes I need to make. The information is thoroughly researched and left me with no unanswered questions. I feel now that I have the power to control my body, instead of continuing to let my body control me."

    Stacy Miller

    Raleigh, USA

    Want to know what women with PCOS wished they knew... before they met me?

    Women have said to me:

    I wish I was told more information about it before!

    I wish I had known that birth control wasn't a "cure" (in fact, the oral contraceptive pill can worsen one of PCOS's drivers)

    I wish they gave me more info on how to take care of myself instead of just saying take these meds

    I wish I knew how ignorant and judgmental medical professionals would be about my weight

    I wish I'd known that I wasn't alone!

    I am tired of women with PCOS not knowing what they need to know! This program is designed to fill the many gaps.

    See, I remember what it felt like to be the poster girl for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome symptoms... and I know what its like to live PCOS free.  The difference is incredible!

    Yet many women with PCOS still unnecessarily experience...

  • Obesity 

  • Fatigue and mid-afternoon energy slumps

  • Poor self-esteem

  • Pain

  • Excessive facial and body hair growth

  • Mental illnesses like depression & anxiety 

  • Irregular, absent or painful periods

  • Infertility or recurrent miscarriage

  • Mood swings

  • Acne

  • Scalp hair loss 

  • Tummy problems, and more... 

  • Ready to Discover a Life Where PCOS Symptoms are Well Managed, in Control, not the Other Way Round?


    The information is invaluable and has provided me with the answers, insight and support that others could not. The support from my GP was both inadequate and disappointing, I felt let-down. This lack of knowledge and understanding sent me in search for answers to help myself, and that is when Dr Rebecca came into my life."

    Jodie Barendsen

    Ballarat, Australia

    Here's What's Included in
    PCOS Discovery!

    PCOS discovery program complete graphic
    pcos diagnosis and masterclass

    Recorded Masterclass with Dr Rebecca: The PCOS Essentials

    In this masterclass, you'll discover more about PCOS than most health professionals know.

  • What is PCOS

    really? Plus, symptoms, signs and why they occur...

  • Two of the overlooked main drivers of PCOS: What they are and why they matter

  • The foods and nutrients that can transform your life for the better

  • Value: $97

  • pcos diagnosis and hormone playbook masterclass

    Recorded Masterclass with Dr Rebecca: The PCOS Hormone Playbook

    In this masterclass, you'll discover more about PCOS than many health professionals know.

  • What are hormones and what do they do? 

  • 10 key hormones in PCOS: What they are and how to restore balance... 

  • When you have PCOS but further testing comes back “normal”
... Discover how to correctly test and interpret hormones...

  • Why hormones cannot be considered in isolation (this is an important point that usually gets missed and can lead to failed treatments)

  • Why the oral contraceptive pill and Metformin could be making your PCOS worse!

  • Value: $97

  • The 20 Most Important Steps To Achieve a Healthy & Beautiful Body and Mind masterclass

    Recorded Masterclass with Dr Rebecca: The 20 Most Important Steps To Achieve a Healthy, Beautiful Body and Mind

    The research shows that women with PCOS eat less, exercise more and still find achieving a healthy body difficult. In this masterclass, you'll discover why this is. Plus, learn 20 actionable steps I took to become PCOS-free. I also answer questions I'm often asked...

  • How do you deal when doctors can't help to discover what is causing weight loss attempts to fail?

  • What do I do when everyone says "just eat healthy", but I am (and it's not working!) 

  • The secret that keeps many women trapped: fat & discontent feed on this lie...  

  • Discover three easy steps to practice every day...  

  • Value: $97

  • PLUS...

    Food combining and food timing in PCOS

    Video with Dr Rebecca: When to Eat for Better PCOS Results

    The research shows that when and what we eat matters. Combining certain nutrients can lead to increased satiation, or "fullness", and aid hormonal balance.  In this video, you'll discover...

  • 2 foods that can help to reduce oestrogen load, which may help with painful periods, clotting, migraine, lumpy breasts, fluid retention

  • At 2:48 minutes, I share one of my fav, delish nutrient-packed meals.  It is a super easy way to combine foods beautifully

  • At 3:33 minutes, I talk about an endocrine disruptor that is commonly found in packaging. Shown to increase testosterone in women, this is absolutely best avoided  

  • Eating the largest meal at this particular time each day can reduce testosterone and improve insulin... At 4:38 minutes

  • At 5:39 minutes, I share a simple cheat that can halt mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings in their tracks

  • At 7:44 minutes, I talk about two common nutrient deficiencies that can cause pain, reduce energy, elevate stress, and increase weight. Plus, the foundation supplement system I take and recommend

  • Value: $57

  • how to tell if you're ovulating with pcos

    Video with Dr Rebecca: How to Tell You're Ovulating?

    Ovulation irregularities are common in PCOS. When ovulation is irregular, it's a sign female hormones are out of sync. PCOS is also the leading cause of anovulatory infertility (infertility due to lack of egg production). In this video I discuss...

  • Why ovulation predictor kits can be inaccurate in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

  • A simple acronym that will help you know if ovulation is likely 

  • If you are heterosexual and in a relationship, this behaviour in your partner may signal ovulation 

  • How to track and identify likely ovulation?

  • Value: $57

  • pcos supplements

    Module: The Minimalist Guide To Essential Health Supplements

    Have you wondered what supplements might help Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? This is a common question! In this module, you'll discover...

  • The herb commonly used to treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and irregular menstrual cycles

  • The natural ingredient that... "as an adjunct to fertility treatment for women with PCOS, works better than fertility treatment alone or fertility treatment combined with metformin."

  • As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Discover the supplement foundation system I use and recommend

  • Learn which compound increases the action of insulin in PCOS and so improves ovulation, and reduces male hormones, blood pressure, and blood triglyceride levels.

  • Value: $97


    permanent pcos weight loss

    Interview: 5 Tips To Achieve a Healthy Figure

    As an expert guest on The PCOS Summit, I shared expert tips for achieving a healthy figure, permanently.

    At 19:25 minutes, I disclose details of a test I believe women with PCOS should have and exactly how it should be done.

    Value: $57

    The PCOS diary

    The PCOS Diary eBook

    This beautiful eDiary allows you to record weight, energy, signs of ovulation & menstrual health, what's working & where any challenges lie.

    Tracking is an essential part of PCOS success. With this beautiful printable diary, this becomes easy.

    Value: $27

    pcos discovery journal

    Journal & Worksheets

    In this program, you'll learn a secret I see holding women back from success.

    This journal and the 11 related worksheets provide space to uncover these saboteurs & practice what you learn. It's finally time to thrive!

    Value: $47


    Imagine experiencing boundless energy, clear glowing skin, and a gorgeous, healthy body that you adore. Periods that are regular and comfortable. A self-confidence that continues to bloom. The wisdom that comes with greater understanding of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome... And the steps that truly make a difference.

    That's the focus of the PCOS Discovery Program: A life that thrives!

    "Spot on with recommendations for improving PCOS symptoms. In just three months I've seen major changes in my mood, energy levels, elimination of gastro issues, and a stabilised menstrual cycle."



    conquer your pcos naturally

    Hi, I’m Dr Rebecca.

    I’m a Chiropractor and lifestyle expert who is focused solely on helping women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Oh, and I’m the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally.

    I used to suffer from PCOS, too. I tried almost every method under the sun. From diet to exercise to different forms of therapy and everything in between. I tried and failed, and failed again.

    Long story short… I finally discovered how to gently calm my PCOS and break FREE from its discouraging symptoms.

    I shed stones from my size. I restored a regular menses, after no natural cycle for 15 years (yes, fifteen)! My testosterone re-tuned from high to normal. My skin is free from blemishes and excessive hair. I no longer have polycystic ovaries.

    If I walked into a doctor’s office today, I would no longer receive a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I am, in essence, PCOS free.

    There were many secrets I discovered along my journey. PCOS Discovery shares the information and approaches I wish I'd known early on... And you won't readily find this information elsewhere.

    "Dr. Rebecca has fantastic advice on how to deal with PCOS naturally! No more birth control pills or any pharmaceuticals!"

    Wendy Lou


    ☀️ This Is For You If You...

  • Want to understand what PCOS really is?

  • Are finished fumbling about with trial and error

  • Are tired of being told to "just eat less and exercise more" 

  • Know there are important pieces missing from the advice you've been given

  • Are prepared to put in some effort

  • Will implement what you learn 

  • Wish for your every day to become easier, energised and enjoyable 

  • Want to live life to its fullest

  • Want to go all-in 

  • ❌ This Is NOT For You If...

  • Won't implement what you learn 

  • Don’t see how your actions can have positive impacts 

  • Would rather continue as you are (change is required) 

  • Prefer the pill-alone option 

  • You really don’t believe food and lifestyle act as therapy 

  • Are not open

  • Will find it too difficult to eat or act a little differently to others 

  • pcos guarantee

    I’m a woman who’s received a PCOS diagnosis, just like you. I understand the concerns associated with purchasing a digital product. You might have done this before and not received the value you needed.

    I have a decade of clinical experience and know just how important trustworthy, evidence-based resources are. I only create products designed to deliver results. I know anyone who invests and implements will love, love their purchase.

    Because I believe in this wholeheartedly in this product, I’m offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. While I can’t guarantee individual results, I can assure your satisfaction with the content and the quality of PCOS Discovery.

    If you’re not thrilled, I will refund your money.

    Frequently asked questions

    I've tried other programs. Why is this one different?

    This program is informed by 8 years of intensive University education, a decade of clinical experience, and my personal journey from PCOS to remission. It answers questions most health professionals simply do not know.

    How does this program work?

    The masterclasses and videos are pre-recorded so you can access them any time, from anywhere, in the anonymity of your own space.

    The digital resources are downloadable so you can view them from your screen or print them so you have a physical copy to work with.

    When do I get access to my resources?

    Super quickly! We'll send you an email soon after purchase so you can get started promptly.

    How long do I have access?

    They are yours to use forever. We've been around since 2011 and will provide access for our lifetime. You are in great hands.

    Can you guarantee results?

    While it would be lovely, if anyone ever guarantees you results in the health field, run a mile. We are each so different it is both impossible to do and unethical to suggest. Results depend on your commitment, too.

    What if I really need some emotional support?

    I know that making change can be challenging. If you'd like support, come join our beautiful Facebook group. I'll send you the link after you've purchased. We'd love to see you there!

    How do I make the most of this?

    Take action. 😊 Seriously, implementing what you learn may change your life. Saying that we are all on a unique journey. You don't have to implement everything today. Slow or fast, progress is wonderful progress. Whatever your pace, commit to daily action and your results will inspire further steps.

    Will this bundle stay the same teeny price?

    Helping women with PCOS is my purpose and my passion. Sadly, tech, support and other costs don't stay still. So I am not able to give a price guarantee into the future.

    What if I can't access PDF files?

    Most of our files are delivered as PDFs. If you don't yet have access, Foxit Reader is a free tool that will enable you to easily open our files.

    What if I change my mind?

    If you change your mind and feel this isn't right for you, we stand by our 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase. Easy done. If you feel comfy doing so, I'd love to know why so we can continue to improve our products and deliver the very best.

    The right knowledge transforms PCOS lives.

    At only $633 $57, it's time you get started!


    "Very informative, put into words that you can understand and apply. Finally I understand the condition I have been struggling with for 16 years. Now I'm in control of PCOS... it doesn't control me!! ... It's a life saver both mentally and physically!"



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