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FREE Superfoods Bundle:
Foods That Help Ease PCOS Signs & Symptoms!

Are you ready to supercharge your health and healing?

Superfoods are appropriately named as they are supercharged with the nutrients required for a healthy life free from PCOS signs and symptoms...

From vitamins to minerals, antioxidants to fibre, proteins to healthy fats and life-giving energy.

In this Superfoods bundle, I share:

- What are nutrients, anyhoo?

- Superfood nutrition for sensational skin   

- The foods that can transform your health and healing

- How to colour your way to wellbeing

- Health wrapped up in 22 delicious smoothie recipes!

- The gorgeous foods scientifically proven to change your biology

- The food-based supplements I take and recommend

I'm excited to share the ultimate superfoods - and why they matter so much - with you now!

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What You'll Learn...

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What are Macronutrients?

Learn about carbohydrates, fats and proteins...

There is so much misinformation about macronutrients floating around. It's time to dispel common mistakes.

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How to Colour Your Way to Health

Have you ever wondered why the foods that heal look like a rainbow?

Vivid greens, orange & yellow, blue & purple, red, and white produce all have different benefits.

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Nutrition for Sensational Skin!

Let's take a look at 6 nutrients that nurture the skin.

Able to calm pigmentation changes, decreased hair & nail growth, and skin lesions, I share food sources.

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Superfoods That Calm Stress

The changes that occur during stress and those in PCOS look alike so quelling stress is a must.

These 6 do's & 2 don't's will help.

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Supplements I Recommend  

After years of clinical & personal experience, I believe most of us must supplement to stay well.

Find out what I suggest...

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Delish Smoothie Recipes!

Everyone loves a gorgeous smoothie, right?

Jam packed with nutrients and taste, these 22 recipes are easy & healthy.

FREE BONUS: Healthy Nutrient Food List

Want easy access to foods rich in the exact nutrient you need?

Time to up your chromium to combat insulin resistance? Page 3. Wondering which foods are rich in magnesium to relief cramp? Page 4. Need to boost your gut health? Sources of pre and probiotics are on page 7.

This printable PDF reveals which foods contain good amounts of each nutrient. It provides easy access to nutrition gold! 

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Yes, Please!

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superfoods and dr rebecca

xx Dr Rebecca

Chiropractor & Bestselling PCOS Author

I've always loved studying health. Three health science degrees, a decade of clinical experience, many books under my belt and nothing has changed!

And I went from PCOS poster girl to PCOS-free!

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