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The only complete Polycystic Ovary Syndrome weight management program!

You're About to Discover the Program Designed to Transform the Bodies, Health and Lives of Folks with PCOS... Just Like You!

Achieving a gorgeous body is possible. But it requires an evidence-based, PCOS-focused and actionable approach. This is it!

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It's Time to Achieve a Gorgeous, Healthy Body!

PCOS body beautiful program graphic

Achieving a body beautiful is possible... with the right tools, advice and knowledge!

The PCOS Body Beautiful Program has one sole focus:

To show you how to step off the dieting rollercoaster ride...

And achieve a gorgeous healthy body through evidence-based do-able steps, delish foods and an adorable lifestyle...

Without struggling, self-loathing or starvation.

The PCOS Body Beautiful Program includes everything you need to achieve a healthy, body beautiful....

From the comfort of your own home.

Worried that you'll be stuck with your PCOS signs and symptoms forever? Have you hit a wall and still aren't where you want to be? Does this syndrome seem to reach into every part of you life, like an impossible beast? 

I feel you. While I am now PCOS-free, I used to be the poster gal. Hairy, obese, tired, spotty, embarrassed, no period (at all, for years). I felt apologetically unfeminine, ugly, and it stopped my living my life in many ways. For years.

I, like most folks with PCOS, couldn't get any help. I had to change that for myself, my patients, and you.

See, while super common, next to no-one understands this syndrome deeply. There are connections that must be made to trigger success. But mainstream knowledge is years behind the research. What works for others will not work for us, long term.

Achieving a PCOS body beautiful is not simple because there are many factors. If you don't tick off each one relevant for you, you will fail. This is not your fault! 

Yet, with the right and complete advice, you can achieve a gorgeous body you adore. That's what this program is specifically designed to do: And it works!

"I now understand what is happening to my body and what changes I need to make. The information is thoroughly researched and left me with no unanswered questions. I feel now that I have the power to control my body, instead of continuing to let my body control me."

Stacy Miller

Raleigh, USA

The PCOS Body Beautiful Program is a digitally delivered complete program with everything you need to succeed...

Even if you've failed many times before.

It is both simple and detailed. With 17 core modules, 3 bonus modules and additional resources, you can complete each one from cover-to-cover or skip to those you know you need.

It is intentionally comprehensive so you have all the answers you need. So you can fill in the blanks you've likely been missing. The problems that have been keeping you stuck.

Yet, I promise, it is not overwhelming.

Let's take a deeper look at each module...

Set yourself up for success - PCOD Body Beautiful Program - module 1 graphic

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Welcome to The PCOS Body Beautiful Program!

This program has been expertly designed to help to forever transform your life; To give you *all the pieces of the PCOS puzzle.*

To succeed, you need to start with a rock solid foundation (Without this, your goals will disintegrate.) This is it!

In this module, you'll...

- Learn the 3 rules you must stick to!

- Make smart goals

- Sign your self-contract (your commitment to yourself. You don't need to hand this in)

- Get access to The PCOS Diary to begin tracking your progress and challenges

Value: $97

Mindset in PCOS program


Of all the things in life, what you believe can impact on your success... or lack thereof.

I have cared for 1000s of patients and I truly believe this is the place we must begin.

In this module, you'll learn...

- The three mindset pairs and why yours could be holding you back

- The power of the GM

- How to shift gears from the negative to the positive

- 6 steps that place your mindset on hyperdrive

- The importance of failure

- How your mindset can alter the function of your genes and how you can take control

Value: $147

Motivation in PCOS program

Insights Into Motivation

Do you feel that motivation is the missing secret you need to create your body beautiful?

Many people tell me that they start in a flurry, but then life gets in the way and their motivation tanks. Sound familiar?

In this module, you'll discover...

- Why many folks with PCOS struggle with flailing motivation (and my top tip to reverse this)

- Scott Geller's 3 crucial questions

- Stephen Duneier's 4 fast strategies for achieving ambitious goals

- Why self-chatter can talk you out of action (and 3 steps to reverse this)

- What is holding you back?

Value: $147

"I have made several notes and acted upon several of the recommendations. I have noticed significant difference in mood stabilisation and overall well being."

Angel Rodrigues


Mindfulness and meditation in PCOS program

Mindfulness & Meditation

I've lost many stone in weight and *reversed* my PCOS. I've also helped many with PCOS to achieve incredible success. Believe me when I say: This module needs to be at the beginning.

Your mind holds more power than you can possibly imagine. It is crucial to achieving a PCOS body beautiful.

So, in this module, you'll learn...

- The missing step in most mainstream approaches that may prevent healing

- What mindfulness is and 5 approaches that harness its power

- Power tip for rapid improvement

- The leading evidence-based technique shown to calm stress and reframe your relationship with yourself

- The practice JG used to lose over 100 kilograms (220 pounds)

Value: $147

PCOS weight loss

Your Ideal Weight

You're here because you want to achieve a Body Beautiful; to feel gorgeous in your sexy skin.

Maybe the doctor has again told you to "just eat less and exercise more." You know this doesn't work: you've tried! So what's next?

For many with PCOS, shedding unhealthy fat can be frustrating, difficult, exacerbating because the usual advice just. does. not. work!

In this module, you'll learn...

- The healthy numbers (fat percentage, BMI, waist circumference)

- The myth about eating to little is busted!

- What the right kind of macros are? And how much?

- Specifically: How much and what choices of carbohydrate rock?

- Portion size question? We've got your covered.

- Much more!

Value: $147

PCOS and food

On Food

Food provides the building blocks for our hormones, body and brain. This is a crucial piece of the PCOS Body Beautiful puzzle.

Put simply, there are foods that heal and foods that harm. The recipes and information found here all, of course, fall into the former category.

In this module, you'll find...

- One-week shopping list, recipes and meal plan

- PCOS-friendly recipe vault (we'll continue to add recipes overtime)

- Your Healthy Nutrient Rich Food List

- The Great PCOS Soy Debate

- Superfoods: How to Heal Your Healthy, Naturally

Value: $147

"I am now able to understand why I am the way that I am.

I was able to lose 35 lbs in 6 months. I feel a lot better and now I understand my body. You really CAN conquer your PCOS!"



exercise for pcos

Make The Move to Health

Movement is crucial to a healthy life and to achieve a PCOS Body Beautiful.

Yet, countless hours at the gym and oodles of time doing cardio can surprisingly sabotage your results. There are important nuances because longterm success in PCOS is much broader than "exercise more."

In this module, we discuss...

- The benefits of physical activity

- 7 tips for healthy movement

- Why exercise is critical in PCOS. (It's much more than calories in, calories out)

- The *perfect* types of exercise for folks with PCOS

- Why motion of your spine matters (It's usually overlooked)

Value: $147

self love and pcos

The Art of Self-Love

On the journey to a PCOS Body Beautiful, roadblocks to self-love can stop you DEAD.

I hear the shadows when PCOS-affected folk speak, including those that lead to self-sabotage. Self-love is the antidote.

Ask yourself:

Do you love and accept yourself completely? No? Then you need this information today.

In this important module, you'll learn...

- Why your conscious intention to achieve a Body Beautiful may be being undermined?

- 4 questions that can uncover a problem

- 7 common signs your love has waned- How to build a stable, respectful relationship with yourself

- 20 simple ways to practice self-love, beginning now!

Value: $147

"Finally ... good PCOS advice! Dr. Rebecca has fantastic advice on how to deal with PCOS naturally! No more birth control pills or any pharmaceuticals!"

Wendy Lou


pcos insulin resistance

Sensitising Insulin

Insulin resistance is incredibly common in PCOS and it can KILL fat loss.

See, insulin is a growth hormone, and you guessed it! Amongst other

duties, it makes things grow — including waistlines and cravings!

In this module, you'll discover...

- What insulin is, what it does, and how it contributes to PCOS signs and symptoms

- Telltale signs of insulin resistance

- The correct test to find out if you have insulin resistance

- The right foods - and when to eat - to improve this problem

- What NOT to eat

- 4 approaches the can improve insulin sensitivity to restore weight loss

Value: $147

pcos and hypothyroidism

ReSparking Your Thyroid

A sluggish thyroid gland is more common in PCOS. This can cause weight gain, fatigue, depression, dry skin, scalp hair loss and many other signs and symptoms...

Yet, it is often tested for incorrectly and overlooked.

In this module, we'll look at...

- What the thyroid gland is and does?

- The telltale signs of hypothyroidism

- How to get your thyroid correctly tested?

- What your results actually mean?

- Strategies to improve your thyroid health, naturally, and aid a body beautiful

Value: $147

pcos and insomnia

Sound Slumber

Poor sleep causes the hormonal changes that can lead to dysfunction, disease and weight gain. Sleep disturbance is a common complaint in PCOS.

This makes getting sufficient slumber is a necessity in order to achieve a PCOS Body Beautiful.

In this module, you'll learn...

- The stages of sleep

- How your hormones and sleep are linked and what this means for PCOS?

- PCOS-related conditions that can negatively affect shuteye

- 13 simple steps to enhance your slumber

Value: $147

"Very informative. Finally I understand the condition I have been struggling with for 16 years... it's a life saver both mentally and physically!"



pcos and stress

Settling Stress

The hormonal and physiological changes that occur in both PCOS and stress look shockingly alike. And even when we think we aren't stressed, we often are. This leads to subconscious and profound changes in the body and can halt weight loss.

In this module, you'll discover...

- What stress actually means and how you can be stressed without realising it?

- How this manifests in your body, life and waistline

- 5 important reasons stress can make achieving a PCOS Body Beautiful nigh on impossible

- 16 easy-to-implement steps to calm psychological strain (#3 is fun and fast, #11 can be implemented every day and almost anywhere!)

- Foods that may quell stress

Value: $147

pcos and gut problems

Gut Feelings and Function

It is rare to meet someone with PCOS who does not have a significant level of digestive dysfunction...

And without correctly addressing the gut, weight loss can stagnate and fail.

In this module, you'll learn...

- What the gut is and what it does?

- What happens when it goes awry?

- Healthy foods that might be causing trouble

- How leaky gut syndrome (LGS) can upset hormonal balance?

- How to fix your gut: Checklist For Optimal Gut Health

Value: $147

pcos and toxins

The Toxic Effect

The impact of toxicity on a woman’s health is significant yet it is rarely considered...

In PCOS, this is amplified. Toxins can cause or contribute to two of the main drivers of this syndrome so it is key.

In this module, we look at...

- 11 signs of toxicity

- 9 hormone disrupting chemicals

- The relationship between toxins and PCOS

- A popular compound used in food containers that has been shown to elevate male hormone levels in women

- How to reduce your exposure?

- 10 steps to overcome a toxin-induced weight loss plateau

Value: $147

"VERY simple to understand and she breaks it down to simple science to give you the willpower to change your life and health."



pcos and poor energy and fatigue

Reclaiming Your Energy

Struggling with fatigue?

Many folks with PCOS do. The impacts on weight loss can be significant. After all, it's hard to exercise and avoid cravings when your energy is dragging along the floor.

In this module, I share...

- 4 common reasons why PCOS can trigger fatigue

- The natural well-loved products that might spike your energy, in a sustained and lovely way

- 7 herbs that can restore health and energise

- Why using energy creates energy

- The common tea that can enhance your zest and aid weight loss

- 2 practices I use and recommend to quell the fatigue caused by chronic stress

Value: $147

pcos cravings and emotional eating

Calm Cravings and Emotional Eating

Do you experience cravings or emotional eating?

Many do!

You are not alone and it's not your fault!

Did you know that dieting is considered a risk factor for an enhanced tendency towards emotional eating? That's right: Your weight loss attempts in the past may have set you up for failure.

We need to instead fix the root causes to stop the guilt and halt the vicious cycle.

In this module, you'll discover...

- 3 common reasons for cravings and emotional eating

- How to identify your triggers?

- Simple actionable ways to reduce the stress that causes uncontrolled eating

- Why cravings are common in PCOS?

- 4 traditional and 4 out-of-the-box ways to quash cravings

Value: $14

pcos body beautiful program

Congratulations: Continuing Your Success

Congratulations on completing The PCOS Body Beautiful Program!

This module is simple and short...

It provides a program summation and three expert tips to continue your progress toward a body and life you adore.

Value: $47

"I just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know that I am 35 weeks pregnant! I fell pregnant about 4 weeks into your course!"




pcos acne and hirsutism relief

The Road to Clear Skin

Clear radiant skin reflects inner harmony and balance...

It's unsurprising, then, that PCOS can cause acne and excessive hair growth.

Skin problems can reveal serious underlying issues.

In this module, you'll discover...

What causes and contributes to:

Hirsutism (excessive body hair)


Scalp hair loss

Acanthosis nigricans (thick dark discoloured skin)

Skin tags

Cherry angiomas (red pinhead spots)

Plus the convention and natural approaches, 5 plant derived anti-androgenic therapies, 5 nutrients required for healthy skin, and the supplement system I recommend.

Value: $147

pcos support

A PCOS Guide For Loved Ones

Succeeding in your quest for a PCOS Body Beautiful can be difficult without the support of your loved ones.

The decisions they make about food, exercise and lifestyle can affect your choices, especially when you feel tired and overwhelmed.

This module is designed for you to share with them, to provide insights and ways they can support you in living a healthy life you adore (and themselves, as well).

In this module, we discuss...

- The PCOS Essentials (what is PCOS, what does it mean...)

- Symptoms that a woman with PCOS may experience

- What insulin resistance and inflammation are and why they matter?

- Treatment options

- Understanding what living with PCOS means for you?

- Important ways to support you

Value: $147

yoga essentials for women with PCOS

Yoga Essentials

Yoga is a practice that supports health in PCOS in so many ways. It brings together the body, mind and soul. It is a form of exercise that can be practiced regardless of fitness level, body pain or mindset. It encourages the gentle profound progress I recommend.

The Yoga Essentials bonus is video based: It includes dozens of instructional videos so you can learn how to set a pose and hold it, in the comfort and anonymity of your home or other safe space.

Choose the postures you love, mix and match, and create a program you love. Or jump in and practice a single pose.

Value: $197

inspiration for the pcos soul

Inspiration for the PCOS Soul

Inspiration can move mountains so this beautiful digital book provides:

- Inspiring quotes

- Stories from 5 women with PCOS on why they create

- Simple strategies to boost your self worth

- How to prioritise yourself and your health

- Exercises to promote self love and understanding

Value: $27

private online community for women with PCOS

Private Online Community

Support is one of the keys to long term success. After all, most health professionals and many people don't understand this syndrome or the challenges it bring.

Our private online community includes others who know what PCOS is like from first hand experience. Each is at a different stage in their journey so the learnings and advice are empowering and actionable.

Plus, knowing you are never alone is priceless...

Having a safe space to be yourself, where you can be vulnerable or frustrated, and where you can talk to others about how to remedy your situation - to find ways to move forward successfully - is often missing in the PCOS field. This community fills this void. 

Value: $47 per month ($564 per year)

VALUE = $4559

What people are saying about Dr Rebecca's work...

"I have suffered from PCOS for years and tried everything on the Market. Dr Rebecca has found the way to win the battle! Highly recommend, it really will change your life."



"Finally answers to so many questions...

Thank you very much!"



"Changed my life and my PCOS is on the mend. I have a new lease on life.

If you have been in the dark until now, wait and your life will begin again anew."



PCOS body beautiful program
dr rebecca pcos

Hi, I’m Dr Rebecca.

I’m a Chiropractor and lifestyle expert who is focused solely on helping those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Oh, and I’m the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally.

I used to suffer from PCOS, too. I tried almost every method under the sun. From diet to exercise to different forms of therapy and everything in between. I tried and failed, and failed again.

Long story short… I finally discovered how to gently calm my PCOS and break FREE from its discouraging symptoms.

I shed stones from my size. I restored a regular menses, after no natural cycle for 15 years (yes, fifteen)! My testosterone re-tuned from high to normal. My skin is free from blemishes and excessive hair. I no longer have polycystic ovaries.

If I walked into a doctor’s office today,I would no longer receive a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I am, in essence, PCOS free.

There were many secrets I discovered along my journey. There were many that got fantastic results with my patients.

The PCOS Body Beautiful shares the reasons why folks fail to achieve a body they adore... It is complete, holistic and a game changer... And you won't readily find this information elsewhere.

Is This Life Changing Program For You?

☀️ This Is For You If You...

  • Want to understand what PCOS really is?

  • Are finished fumbling about with trial and error 

  • Are tired of being told to "just eat less and exercise more" 

  • Know there are important pieces missing from the advice you've been given 

  • Are prepared to put in some effort 

  • Will implement what you learn

  • Wish for your every day to become easier, energised and enjoyable

  • Are tired of the BS 

  • Want to live life to its fullest

  • ❌ This Is NOT For You If...

  • Won't implement what you learn 

  • Don’t see how your actions can have positive impacts 

  • Would rather continue as you are (change is required)

  • Prefer the pill-alone option 

  • You really don’t believe food and lifestyle act as therapy 

  • Are not open 

  • Will find it too difficult to eat or act a little differently to others 

  • Prefer your story or struggle 

  • "Spot on with recommendations for improving PCOS symptoms. In just three months I've seen major changes in my mood, energy levels, elimination of gastro issues, and a stabilised menstrual cycle."



    pcos body beautiful guarantee

    I’m a woman who’s received a PCOS diagnosis, just like you. I understand the concerns associated with purchasing a digital product. You might have done this before and not received the value you needed.

    I have a decade of clinical experience and know just how important trustworthy, evidence-based resources are. I only create products designed to deliver results. I know anyone who invests and implements will love, love their purchase.

    Because I believe in this wholeheartedly in this product, I’m offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. While I can’t guarantee individual results, I can assure your satisfaction with the content and the quality of PCOS Discovery.

    If you’re not thrilled, I will refund your money.


    I've tried other programs. Why is this one different?

    This program is informed by 8 years of intensive University education, a decade of clinical experience, and my personal journey from PCOS to remission. It answers questions most health professionals simply do not know.

    How does this program work?

    There are 17 core modules and 2 bonus modules. Each module includes video, audio and PDFs. You can work through step-by-step in your own time, or jump straight to module you need ASAP.

    The videos and audios are pre-recorded so you can access them any time, from anywhere, in the anonymity of your own space.

    The digital resources are downloadable so you can view them from your screen or print them so you have a physical copy to work with.

    How long do I have access?

    They are yours to use forever. We've been around since 2011 and will provide access for our lifetime. You are in great hands.

    What if I can't access PDF files?

    Most of our files are delivered as PDFs. If you don't yet have access, Foxit Reader is a free tool that will enable you to easily open our files.

    What if I really need some emotional support?

    I know that making change can be challenging. If you'd like support, come join our beautiful Facebook group. I'll send you the link after you've purchased. We'd love to see you there!

    Are there payment plans?

    Yes. Absolutely. Click on your chosen plan to find out more.

    When do I get access to my resources?

    Super quickly! We'll send you an email soon after purchase so you can get started promptly.

    Will this program stay the same price?

    Sadly, tech, support and other costs don't stay still. So, no, I am not able to give a price guarantee into the future. The great news is that if you purchase today, you'll get all the resources we add to this program in future for FREE.

    How do I make the most of this?

    Take action. 😊 Seriously, implementing what you learn may change your life. Saying that we are all on a unique journey. You don't have to implement everything today. Slow or fast, progress is wonderful progress. Whatever your pace, commit to daily action and your results will inspire further steps.

    Can you guarantee results?

    While it would be lovely, if anyone ever guarantees you results in the health field, run a mile. We are each so different it is both impossible to do and unethical to suggest. Results depend on your commitment, too.

    What's the ongoing additional material?

    We will continue to add resources overtime. But, once you're in, you're in! You will gain access to any additional material we add to the PCOS Body Beautiful Program: without any extra cost!

    What if I change my mind?

    If you change your mind and feel this isn't right for you, we stand by our 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase. Easy done. If you feel comfy doing so, I'd love to know why so we can continue to improve our products and deliver the very best.

    Body Beautiful Program Payment Plan

    3 x monthly payments


    • Complete Program

    • Bonuses

    • Private Online Community

    • Lifetime Access

    • 3 x Part Payments 


    Body Beautiful Program


    • Complete Program

    • Bonuses

    • Private Online Community

    • Lifetime Access

    • Confidence Journal & Worksheets

    I WANT IN!

    Body Beautiful Program Payment Plan

    6 x monthly payments


    • Complete Program

    • Bonuses

    • Private Online Community

    • Lifetime Access

    • 6x Part Payments 

    IT'S TIME!!

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