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how to get pregnant with PCOS

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Got PCOS? Want To Get Pregnant?
Discover the Advice That's Taken Infertile Women to Motherhood. 

Are you TTC? Maybe you've been trying without luck for years?

I've helped many "infertile" women to have happy, healthy babies so I want to tell you: There is hope!

In this webinar, I share evidence-based approaches to naturally boost fertility, reduce miscarriage and pregnancy complications, and help women - just like you - to finally become mothers.

And, of course, I'm including notes and audio so you can easily access this in whatever format (or formats!) work best for you. 

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What's Inside

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What is PCOS, Really?

PCOS is a poorly understood, and often mishandled, syndrome.

It's important to know the current diagnostic criteria and what it really is so you can make the best choices in your journey to motherhood.

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How Does PCOS Affect Fertility?

Did you know that around 95% of women who visit clinics for anovulatory infertility have PCOS?

There are a range of issues that affect PCOS infertility.

Let's look at the most important ones...

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5 Hormones You Must Control To Boost Fertility (& Success Tips)

As you know, PCOS can throw a spanner in the way the hormone system works.

There are 5 hormones commonly involved. Why they go AWOL, fertility can, too.

Find out which ones they are. Plus, tips to do it.

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Stress: An Often Ignored Issue

The changes that occur during stress and those in PCOS look alike so calming stress is a must.

I share a tip to uncover underlying, subconscious stress and 6 tips to reduce psychological strain, naturally.

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Sympathetic Dominance?

Do you have sympathetic dominance?

If you have PCOS, there's a good chance you do... And it could be changing your hormones.

Find out what it is & how to test yourself.

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Are you inflamed?

Many women with PCOS are.

This can cause pain, including pelvic pain, insulin resistance and, yes, reduce fertility.

How can you test for it?

And what can you do?

FREE BONUS: Understanding Menstrual & Basal Temperature Tracking

Learn the in’s and outs of menstrual and basal temperature charting. This will help you understand what is happening inside your body.

In this report, you'll discover:

• how to accurately chart your menstrual cycle

• how your lifestyle affects your hormones

• how your mood, energy, and emotions change with different hormonal fluctuations

Plus, the common problems that women with PCOS experience, and how to overcome them.


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I've always loved studying health. Three health science degrees, a decade of clinical experience, many books under my belt and nothing has changed!

And I went from PCOS poster girl to PCOS-free!

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