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Ready To Finally Lose Weight?

Discover Why Your PCOS Weight Loss Efforts Continue To Fail (and how to Take Back Control of Your Body and Your Waistline)

Are you sick and tired of being overweight? Stuck? Continuously failing to achieve the body you want and living a life “less than”?

While some people - health professionals included - will blame you for being overweight or obese, research shows that shedding weight is absolutely more challenging for women with PCOS.

In this bundle, I share the secrets to successful PCOS weight loss (and what - exactly - could be holding you back):

- 5 reasons that halt PCOS weight loss in its tracks

- The surprising % of fat loss required to change your hormones

- The macronutrient you must get right (and how to do that)

- Why late nights and stressful days lead to PCOS weight gain

- 12 symptoms that indicate a hormonal imbalance known to trigger weight gain

- The #1 problem I see in women with PCOS that packs on kilos

- The food plan you must follow (it's not Keto or Paleo)

I'm excited to share the Reasons Why Your PCOS Weight Loss Efforts Continue To Fail!

It is the light in the dark.

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What You'll Learn...

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5 Reasons You're NOT Losing Weight

These 5 key reasons commonly cause fat accumulation, and halt PCOS weight loss in its tracks.

They are usually overlooked...

They are key to your success!

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The % of Fat Loss That'll Change Your Body

Have you wondered exactly how much weight you need to lose to reset your PCOS hormones?

Ready to change how you see your success? 

(It's probably not as much as you think.)

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The Specific Nutrient You Must Get Right! 

Wondering if you should follow Keto or Paleo?

A low-carb diet has been shown to increase your risk of death.

No, you must get this nutrient right.

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Late Nights + Stress = Fat

Weight loss in PCOS is much more complicated than the old, flawed "eat less and more more" mantra.

But why do late nights and stressful days cause PCOS weight gain?

It's due to reason #1.

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12 Signs You May Have a Fat-Gaining Condition

There is a problem that occurs more commonly in women with PCOS and it causes fat gain.

These 12 signs and symptoms indicate you might have this condition...

And it could be halting your success.

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The Secret Imbalance That Triggers Fat Gain

Chronic _____ often goes unnoticed and can be body-wide.

It is linked to heart disease, diabetes, pain, infertility, PCOS and, yes, weight gain...

You need to get it under control.

Plus these 2 awesome bonuses for FREE...

38 Food Hacks for a Body Beautiful

PCOS treatments can feel complicated, overwhelming.

But there are ways to make your journey easier. Food hacks to shortcut your success. Research you need to know that can be incorporated into your day...

Like a sprinkle of an ancient spice, the addition of a common fruit, a splash of fermented product (and more).

Safe PCOS Foods List

What you eat matters greatly. Without the right foods it is nigh on impossible to shed excess PCOS weight.

But low carbohydrate, while commonly recommended, has been shown to increase your risk of death. That makes Keto a poor long-term choice.

This list provides a better approach. And it's ready to print!

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Yes, Please!

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xx Dr Rebecca

Chiropractor & Bestselling PCOS Author

I've always loved studying health. Three health science degrees, a decade of clinical experience, many books under my belt and nothing has changed!

And I went from PCOS poster girl to PCOS-free!

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