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Mindfulness Program:

Ready to Calm Your Stress & Quiet Your Mind

For most women, modern life is super busy and stressful...

The brain constantly ticks over, pumping the body full of stress hormones. This increases our risk of unhappiness, brain fog, fatigue, illness and early death.

There is also a more important factor for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: PCOS and stress share similar hormone underpinnings. If you don't manage your stress, you'll struggle to manage your PCOS!

The Power of Mindfulness has been created to share simple practices that can help reverse this.

With this program, The Power of Mindfulness, you'll discover:

- The power of controlling your thoughts and emotions

- Why you need mindfulness?  

- Why your attention really matters?

- A quick guide to basic neuroscience

- Why what you tell yourself affects your wellbeing

- Powerful mindfulness practices you can implement now

I'm excited to share the benefits of mindfulness with you. This simple practice is needed now more than ever! And it has the power to change your life!

What's Inside

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Your Thoughts and Emotions...

Often our thoughts and emotions run our lives, right? Think about this for a moment.

Imagine if instead of reacting, you could respond calmly. If you could be present instead of mulling over your to-do list. If your could release the unhelpful thoughts that pop into your head and accept those that bring ease and peace. It's possible!

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Why Do You Need Mindfulness?  

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like everything is just too much?

Maybe taking the necessary steps to improve your health and wellbeing seem impossible?

Mindfulness short helps to circuit this stress and put you back in the drivers seat in your life. And more...

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Why Does Your Attention Matter?

Because here’s the thing: it’s your attention, your awareness and your interpretation of events that really matter.

You can be overwhelmed in poor conditions. You can be in paradise and be stressed out...

Or you can mind space within yourself through mindfulness and change the game. Let's see how...

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A Quick Look Inside Your Brain

As the famous quote goes, “Neurons that fire together, wire together."

When you continue to think negative thoughts, you will feel more negatively and see more examples of bad in the world.

When you become conscious of your thoughts, though, you can rewire for positivity, changing your world and life.

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Why Your Self-Talk Is Important?

Do you hear yourself making statements like...

"I struggle with my health"

"Getting well is a battle"

"I am stuck with this burden"

"Why me?"

"It's too hard!"

"I'm not good enough" 

This is a fast track to disempowerment that needs to be disengaged. Find out what I suggest...

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Powerful Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness can be implemented into your daily life with ease...

It doesn't requires months of practice...

Or lots of money...

Or classes...

Learn three easy, powerful ways you can begin right now...

Yes, Please!

mindfulness for pcos program

With love,

superfoods and dr rebecca

Dr Rebecca

Chiropractor & Bestselling PCOS Author

I've always loved studying health. Three health science degrees, a decade of clinical experience, many books under my belt and nothing has changed!

Enjoy xx

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